May 2, 2008

exam oh exam

next week is week 6, and i'll be having tons of lab exams(clinical pathology, parasitology, microbiology, and pathology anatomi yang sucks giler), not to mention a lot of lectures and rescheduled lectures.

and on week 7, block exam.
really not anticipating that.
gastrointestinal tract is a long one, and anything can go wrong anywhere.
which means, a lot of diseases, with similar symptoms.
heck, even diarrhea has at least 3 differential diagnoses!!
not to mention all those microorganism in the gut like E. coli, and tapeworms or what ever parasites living in there.
and the liver.
oh god, the liver.
horrid, horrid liver.

result of anatomy exam will come out next week.
i seriously hoping to pass that.
i DON'T want to do remedial.
there's NO WAY i'm going to flip thru anatomy textbook again for this block.
i just want to pass. even if it just borderline pass mark.

anyway, i'll stay off blogging for another two weeks. i think.
by the way, aisyah usik aku pasal kouji.

1 comment:

aisyah. said...

wah exams mmg sucks gilaaaaaa~~~~

aku pun benci

bgn tdo je sure dub dab dub dab

aih... macam ni la nasib badan.