May 29, 2008

The Amateur Transplants

a friend of mine gave me the youtube link to a song of this duo, The Finals Countdown. and it's horrifyingly terrible. not the band, but the depiction of finals exam for medicals students. like the lyric says:

Haem firm,
Paeds firm,
Psyche, surgery,
Rheumo, ortho,
So much stuff you need to know,
Learning drugs is so much stress,
You memorise the BNF,

Public health, public health,
What the fuck is public health?

Stuff that you need for finals,
It's all stuff that you need for finals,
It's all stuff that you need for finals.

and that's just part of it..haha!
this band is basically a duo of doctors from Imperial College, London doing parody songs, mostly dealing with the medical subjects. and written in a funny way. my favourite songs from this band beside The Finals Countdown,

are The Drug Song


Eternal Clerking

and Yellow (yeah, it's about a yellow fever patient)

oh, mind the thick British accent, strong language and filled to the brim with British humor. Medical terminologies are used in a maximum content in their songs, but it's okay if you don't get it. just ignore it. and don't use the Eternal Clerking song to diagnose intestinal bleeding, the song is totally ridiculous.
and while we're at the medical world parody, enjoy a song from Bowser and Blue (a comedian duo), Colorectal Surgeon:

ps: to my classmates, you can get the videos of this band from me.

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