May 22, 2008

Dear heart

Dear heart,
i know you hurting now, i know you might hate me now
but bear with me for a while, just a second longer
let me go my own way, for another moment
i need to satisfy this curiosity of mine

Dear eyes,
i can see that you are tired of shedding tears, i'm sorry
but be patient with me, just a while more
i want to push my luck, a little bit further
and see what's in store for me

You see
there's a person that i think
might help me heal
more than just a broken heart
but also a broken mind

i don't think he knows it yet
but the presence makes me forget
all the silly things that cloud my mind
and makes me feel happy inside

so dear heart and eyes
even if this person makes me sad
promise me all that you can
not to let hate visit again


mey said...

hi..nice poem..really like it.. 'touching' it's truely n sincerely comes from deep inside ur heart ya..hemmm...;)

rean said...

hey mey!
thanks.this "thing" actually is a dare from a friend of mine, to write something happy and light-hearted for my current crush. we can both agree that i failed terribly at that yeah? XD