May 28, 2008

all the good things had to come to an end.....

two words to start this post:


after months of planning and all the works, for me, Permai 08 was a success. well, i said for me, because i only came for the second half of Permai. i missed the mini-outbound sesatness, and the first part of controversial module. is it a good thing or a bad thing? hermm...

the most interesting part for me was meeting all the Malaysian girls from other places such as Makassar, Malang, Bandung, Surabaya and Jakarta. not to mention, i got to pester Farid for like a brief 10 seconds. which is good, because he's currently studying in Bandung. hahaha! that guy must be saying grateful prayers everyday for not being in the same university as me, since i really like to annoy him...XD

the delegation from Malang and Makassar did some sort of slide show presentation to show us how cool their places are. two words, REALLY COOL. especially Malang. they have a campus filled with greenery (which is like hell, pretty!), the place doesn't look dusty, the sunrise at Bromo mountain is definitely a scene from a beautiful painting, and it doesn't look humid at all over there! one of these days i'm gonna pack my bag and travel to Bromo....

as for the Makassar girls, a few of them are acquainted with my girl Aisyah, since they were from the same college, KMB. they said i'm like her, didn't know that! i know we're like leech when together, but wow, for someone i didn't know to actually say i'm a bit like my own best friend is like one of the greatest compliment i can ever get! haha!yep, the girls had scored a point from me, which in turn made me willingly accompanied them for shopping at one of the most packed, and bad ventilation market in jogja, to buy souvenirs namely kain kebaya. even willingly walked with them the whole road of Malioboro looking for other souvenirs like craft handbags, sandals, and t-shirts. for those who know how packed Malioboro is on weekend, and for those who know how i hate to be squashed in public, please give me an applause for my good deeds. XD

let's have another Permai next year!!!


Anonymous said...

hey, u know wht, I do dengar a lot of Malang and its beauty... I wonder why that place not as famous as bandung *to malaysian* , bcos I pernah say that I love the view part of bandung yg kat bahagian kawah2 tu... n they said, wait till u see malang. wahhh.... jd pingin bangettt ke sana.i see few pics of malang thoo... yaa... macam tempat sejuk yeh...nak pergi, but nanti my mum biase la,..if go indo part pelik2 bleh mcm freak out tak tentu hale.lgpun takdek kwn nk join ke tmpt2 yg tak biase didengari. the truth is as for myself I prefer go to places yg tak famous....but proven sgt best dn cantik... like malang.. hummm...waaa... i wish i can pack my bag n go w you there ~.~

-zati. *nice to meet u* salam. hiihih

zati said...

oya, can I know u di jogja, which Uni?

rean said...

hi zati!salam!nice to meet you too!if i'm not mistaken you always comment on obefiend's blog: Freedom of Association right?? XD

bandung is famous among malaysian because it's pretty cheap to shop for branded stuff there. entahla, i've never been to bandung, ingat nak pegi weekend ni.hahha!

malang best. few of my friends dah pegi sana, they went to bromo, to see the sunrise and the volcano. it was heaven they said.

hey, nak datang sini datanglaa..
we were thinking bout going to malang during christmas holiday this year. if you're interested you can contact me. XD

btw, i'm studying in Universitas Gadjah Mada/UGM. we have a lot of malaysian students here, n tak terasa pun duduk jauh dari malaysia!! XD

zati said...

ya.ya...i am the one yg comment2 to obefiend blog...he's a guy i pass by frm Deviantart...anyway,reannn.. nakkk.. christmas ya???? well.... i want...i want... *lompat2* contact me.
email me, i will gv u my number or something...i wanna discuss n see how. :)