May 15, 2008

a visit from fellow malaysians

we had a visit from the UiTM Segamat students this week. and last night, we went for a get-together with them.

first thing first, i don't understand why are they visiting us in the first place. maybe the visit is for the students to see the different between studying in Malaysia and studying at someplace away from Malaysia. but then again, i'm studying in Indonesia for god's sake! how much different is that??? it's almost the same as staying in Malaysia!or as i like to say about Jogja, it's almost the same as living in Kuala Terengganu. boring. well, at least they have a Starbucks here. Tak taulaa KT ada Starbucks ke tak. people here speak Bahasa Indonesia, which you can learn just by watching 2pm sinetron at TV3 from Monday to Friday. and Malaysians are used to listening to Indonesian bands like Ungu or Padi, or Sheila On 7. satu lagi, majority orang sini adalah dari rumpun Melayu, contohnya orang Jawa ke, orang Batak ke etc. in the end we all have similar cultural values, and we can adept easily here. lainlaa kalau pegi Russia ke, Czech ke! tu baru ada cultural shock yang hyper!

second thing, all of us here are taking medical courses. or anything that has to do with the medical world: Pharmacy, Dentistry etc. so why are they coming here and discussing how sending students overseas gonna help our economy? for me, a doctor is a drain to the society. seriously, considering how our government supporting our health industries. unless the government decided to turn health into something commercial, then we can be an asset. other than that, be prepared for high medical costs, which will mostly be paid by government. and that's where we will be sucking out all taxpayers' money.okay, so we do have private hospitals, where the patients paid for every single thing they need in order to be treated. things like consultation fees, diagnostic tests, and meds. and where the doctors are paid much higher compared to working in public hospitals.
and honey, other than expert doctors, we need good equipments, high-tech diagnostic machines, state-of-the-art technologies that's gonna help us saving our patients. and that, my dear, need a lot of money. we need bunkers to do cancer radiation therapies, we need MRI sometimes, which costs more than RM500 per check up. and tell me how are us medical students going to be a help to the economy. sorry guys, its harsh living in the medical world. we would love to save all of the poor people who got cancer, but we can't. because we can't afford to pay for their treatment. and if the government decided to do like what UK did(they give free medical treatments), then all of the taxpayers in Malaysia will be paying a much, much higher tax than now. or, if they decided to do like what Japan did, then we all have to buy health insurance, since most of the hospitals refuse to take in patients without insurance. in the end, it comes down to who's gonna pay the money.

last but not least: oh that dreaded chicken dance! why oh why we have to do that chicken dance like a retarded 20-year-olds? chicken dance is okay if you go camping, or daring your friends to do silly things at a party. but chicken dance is absolutely NOT okay for a semi-formal meeting. heck we have to dress semi-formally, and at the end of the forum we are asked to do CHICKEN DANCE??? please lecturers, seeing you guys dancing on the stage doing the chicken moves made me wanna run and hide, and merasa sangat malu mengaku anda semua adalah pensyarah dari Malaysia.
dan boleh pulak pegang-pegang lelaki perempuan yang bukan mahram! okay, honestly, i'm kinda wild too. i have no problem hanging out with guys until late at night, or anything. but i do have problems when it comes to unnecessary physical contact with guys. i'm bad enough to be lepaking with the guys like i'm one of them, i don't need to add touching them to the list. I'm a Muslim for god sake! and you guys dancing on the stage, aren't you Muslims too? and you wear hijab too! doesn't that means something to you? shaking your hips around and dancing with guys... malunye saya!!!

and they said that Indonesia had terrible social problems....


Atai said...

THey came to see how kesian we are..hahaha
Neway, chicken dance?WTH was that?

Obefiend said...

hey dont you know. all gomen punya department love doing this " lawatan sambli belahar" bullshitw hen in fact all they want to do is just jalan2. using false pretense is the oldest and dirtiest trick in the book since 1957. they even have a saying in the gomen

" kalau tak guna budget tahun ni nanti takleh carry forward. jom jalan2"

i kid you not

sadly this have been going on for so long that people fail to see it as wasteful

deep down inside i'm a socialist. i am a huge believer in socialised medicine and everyone have the right to get proper medical attention regardless of wealth. I love the NHS. 6.99 pound for your medicine regardless of quantity is brilliant. i dont mind paying higher taxes just as long as i know a fellow man wont be suffering from medical neglect. if we have something liek NHS and have proper equipment i dont think we will see people begging for funds on teh TV and Paper. dont you think something is wrong with Malaysia when parenst have to beg for help?

last but not least chicken dance is gay beyond measure. end of.

rean said...

hahaha!kita tak kesian laa atai, kita ROCK!
chicken dance moves:
1. do the yapping sign with both of your hands
2. flap your arms
3. shake your bootie!

enjoy chicken dancing!if jern doing it, i definitely want a video of him in that act XD

about the budget thingy, yeah, it's true, this year's budget couldn't be carry forward to next year. i don't know why did they make such a wasteful policy.

haha, from a doctor's pov, i do not want my patient to think twice about getting treatment just because they can't afford it. thats why i like the UK's system. sadly, in our country, despite the tax we pay, we still have to pay for toll and other whatnot. tu yang irritating giler! and begging for treatment, funny how our country can sponsor "astourist" but not people who really need the money.

chicken dance gay?only if you do it.LOL