May 8, 2008

romance and other few things

i forgot to do a book review in April. honestly, i only finished reading one book in April, and that was "The Five People You Meet In Heaven" by Mitch Albom. i don't think i need to review this book, since well, so many well-written review about it on the net, and in book review columns in papers.

effi discussed about his reading habits in here. since most of the guys that are pretty closed to me don't read books except comics or when they have too, his entry is kinda surprising, really. and the comments from various readers. they make me feel like i'm just a novice. which is true, since i rarely read anything beyond the popular novels and trashy romance. ha ha ha (nervous laugh, really).

talking about romance, i bought three of them yesterday, in the spirit of "Today is the romance reading- day". the books cost me rp60 000 (roughly around rm30), which is expensive according to my "used romance should not cost me more than rm8 max, per book". one i bought just purely out of amusement:
Wolf Renninger was all that his name implied - devastatingly handsome, charming, lean, and hungry - a beautiful male animal on the prowl. Years before, Micki Durrant, nineteen and strikingly lovely, had been his prey, losing her heart and her innocence to him.
devastatingly handsome guy who is always on the prowl. not to mention hungry. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!
didn't know that there's still guys like him existed. or females still described their man like that. oh wait! the book was published in 1990! patutlaaa... isn't the males of the 90's were just a bunch of whiny men, like Kurt Cobain? no wonder women wanted men like "Wolf Renninger", a beautiful male animal in the prowl.

despite the controversial description of Wolf, the story was boring, moving too fast, till i don't know where i am. and all those flashbacks, confusing me, because there's never a clear cut border indicating the scene was happening in the past or in the present. and please, with guy like that, i'm hoping there'll be a lot of romance, especially involving kisses and such. but what i get? nothing more than just whiny bitch who wouldn't listen (the heroine yang konon prasan independent), and a wounded, sickly, old animal. tolongla. bad romance. bad.

and also, when Micki was 19, Wolf was 30. doesn't that make him like a pedophile of some sort? like cradle snatcher? or maybe just plain lecher? and as if a weekend together ties both of them forever. despite not seeing each other for 6 years, they still head over heels in love with each other.

and guess what they called their kid?Cub, as the name Wolf (Wolfgang actually) is inherited to the first male born of the family. so, now we have a whole tribe of wolves!yay! what kind of wolf is your favourite? mine is the siberian wolves. they are just so white and vicious..hehehe.

this is what i get for wanting to read trashy romance, trash. aihhh... i thought i could find something valuable among the garbage, but nooo..just plain old trash, stinky and boring.

does this count as my May book review?


aisyah. said...


1) ko baca buku, ko memang mencari romance sex part ke????? EUWWWWWW.... well, if u are, i sgt recommend virginia andrews. Her books are revolting. macam porn. YUCKSS.. i xsanggup baca satu pun.

2) ahahahhahaha... lawak gila la ngok la ko, cubs. my fave wolf is well, wolverine in xmen.

3) aiyooo g study la.

rean said...

1)tak carik pornlaaa!!aku carik wooing parts! tak banyak, or kalau ada, sucks big time! VC Andrews??euww..i don't like her books..too much witches in the family, and the romances are BORING...pernah baca sekali, and don't think will ulang lagik. best romances, i think from harlequin. sweet and simple. wahahahahaha! XD

2)wolverine? hugh jackman successfully destroyed this character for me. isk.

3)ye ye, stadi!

aisyah. said...

babe, aah la VC andrews. ko tau, ada satu tu aku baca. dia duduk kat swamp, skali ayah betul dia dtg ambik dia duduk with him and her twin.

skali dia rampas bf kakak dia, mengandung, pastu dia lari balik swamp to her old lover who is also her half-brother sbb the mother pernah kena rape or something like that.

and the sex scenes cm TOOOOO gruesome. I HATE!!!

ooo, ada one love story i really like. Twin of fire by jude deveraux. but ko pernah baca kan? aku dah ada dah dia nya twin of ice, but xsebest itu. hehe

rean said...

i think i've read that somewhere..
tapi pasal anak dia kot. there's a whole series dedicated to that family.

the story is just lame. sex scene? tak igt how it goes. tapi story dia mcm...DUHH!STRESSFUL! aku tanak baca romance yang peningkan kepala otak aku..

twin of fire? macam pernah baca..mana ek? aku beli ke? ke aku pinjam?

aisyah. said...

ko pinjam aku la ngok!

eh, we chat stiap hari. commnt blog pun nk borak2.. ku nk stdy ni.luv u


rean said...

oh yeahh! it was you!
anyway, yeps, chat hari-hari and we still borak kat blog. apala.
kayh2 study!

Obefiend said...


tersedak kejap. MILLS n BOONS for the win la. tapi seswai sehingga age 14 jek. after that age baca mills n boons is kinda lame. revolting even when you read about sex and they use these bombastic metaphorical language crap! rasa macam nak lempang pun bole gak! hahahahhehhahha

oh btw

my fav wolf?

WAREWOLF and WOLFgang Amadeus Mozart! Ein Kleine Nacht Mutzik superb abis!

rean said...

Mills and Boons tu bukan Harlequin punye ke?

cheiss effi, orang baca romance bukan nak sex crap tu! orang baca romance for the romantic feeling. sebab tu dia taruk bombastic metaphors. aku tatau plak guys baca romance. hermmm...

hoh, werewolf and Wolfgang Mozart?giler takleh blah...wakakakakaka!