Apr 27, 2008

post anatomy syndrome

after battling thru anatomy exam (which i studied only two days before it), my nose was clogged up with mucus.

ladies and gentlemen, i officially caught the flu.
with fever and cough to boot.
(correction, i got the flu before the exam)

and of course the flu made me think silly things.
like "oh, the guy i like, likes me too!"
but of course, that's just the flu talking.

anatomy was tough!
serves me right for not studying before hand. i got 4 weeks before the exam, and being me, i chose to study last minute. nice move.

and now i'm having the blues because of my disillusionment (refer to paragraph 3)
ah well.
i can just keep trying.
if it doesn't work out, well, i still have the Girls and the Guys.
it will turn out okay.


aisyah. said...

WHen i get the flu, its a whole different story. i rasa that this guy DOESN'T love me la, this guy ini lah.. such and such. ahaha..

merajuk dgn tuan kouji la sbb dia susah sgt nk online, asal buzz je nk g makan.

YES!! reading peoples blogs kan, i terasa SGT inspired nak study. especially since my bedmate ni kaki study. so i terasa sgttttt PERLU study.ngaha.logic ke my ayat2 ni??

jom, lets work hard. my balasan utk work hard is g indon and have SOOO much fun. i xsanggup nk bersedih lg rai. mari2 we berusaha ke tangga kejayaan. ahaha.. sgt puitis

raje said...

i THINK if i were to take medicine, i'll be good in Anatomy.


i dunno, bt i like Anatomy, i even read, my sister's textbook during holiday.


anyway, when will u and aisyah gonna meet up in Indon.. damn should include me meh!! XD

rean said...


anatomy is nice if you only read.
try memorizing it. it'll get incredibly boring, raje. and stressful too.

and another thing raje, sapa suh ko tak nak datang sini? datang je laa!XD

ala syah!sorry!
lately i've been really busy. lgpun we're gonna meet up this june right?