Apr 5, 2008

rean's not so great jakartan adventure (PART I)

guess where i am now??
i'm in jakarta, specifically, in my friend's room Anne, using her laptop.

so, i'm just gonna rewrite what i wrote in my little green book..sebab malas nak fikir macam mana nak susun ayat balik.

3 April 2008

alamak macam mana neh! tiket tak beli lagi! tayar Ken-chan bocor plak tu!!
thank god for the 3 hours break. just enough time to repair the tyre and buy train tickets. but why does it have to be soo hot???dang!
anyway. 10:30pm ticket. and 8:15 am. should be okay. now back to class for 3 hours of agonizing histology. ARGH.

10:00 pm.
1 love the train station!okay. this is my first time riding on a train. sorry if i sounded jakun. can't help it.
the train comes with whistle and of course the sound of engine. too bad it doesn't have "choo-choo" sound anymore. ahh..the good (not, i think) old days of steam engine....
and the uniform of the staff...that bellboy hat..so cute!!plus it's red! wahahahhaha!!making me feels like i'm one of the Great Five of Enid Blyton. all aboard now! and i'm off to sleep..zzz..

4 April 2008

arrived at the Gambir Station of Jakarta one and a half hour late. GREAT. and there's Wani waiting for me. YAY! alahai, manjanye dia... hehe.
anyway. the station was packed! well, at least when we get out of train and at the arrival hall. tempat lain semua kosong.
by the way, on the train i got to know a lecturer from Pontianak,Kalimantan. he's on his trip to visit his students doing practical all over Java Island.
when i arrived, we were rushing to find a taxi because of wani's 8 am class. and we're almost 10 minutes after 8. hehe. so tanpa tak mandinya, i joined wani's class until 11 am. which is suck really. because this was suppose to be my great escape. isk. haha

after class, we went back to wani's room. hell! is she living in a hotel??with hot water fascilities, air-cond, and that built in wardrobe. wohoo!jakarta is surely different. aihh..
lepas solat zohor, wani ajak aku pergi Plaza Indonesia. what so great about Plaza Indonesia? well, they have PRADA, JOHN PAUL GAULTIER, LOUIS VUITTON, KATE SPADE, YVES SAINT LAUREN, IGNER, and whatever other designers brand available. nasib baik takde VIVIENNE WESTWOOD. kalau tak, memang aku drool and rasa macam nak nangis on the spot. isk. tapi Anne kata ada VIVIENNE kat satu lagi mall, Pondok Indah. aaaaaaaaa!!!nakk!!

time to meet Anne. she told me to wait for her at Taman Anggerik, yet another mall. giler banyak mall kat Jakarta!anyway, on my way to TA, i took a cab. and got caught in Jakartan traffic jam. good thing it's the type of jam where you can still move. bukan yang total static jam tuh. reached TA, waited for 10 minutes or so, and there's Anne. went to her house, and for dinner, Qamar's house.
then off to bed.

5 April 2008.

here i am. sitting in front of Anne's laptop, writing me blog. lepas ni nak jalan-jalan Jakarta naik transJakarta. ehehehe..


Effi Weiland said...

aku perasan orang indo style nya agak aneh

bagi aku apa yang cool bagi indo adalah sampah abgi aku

di kolej aku contihnya semua hendak gaya indie. awek hot mana Luna Maya berkepit dengan balak huduh rambut macam pubis Tukiman Sohardjo. tak adil! macama mana muka kukus dan gigi bersepah dapat Luna Maya!

rean said...


sapa Luna Maya ngan Tukiman Suhardjo tu? aku kenal ke? XD

ntah, apa yg aku prasan kat sini, diorg suka style rockers 80's ngan 90's. tak pun gaya punk. baju hitam, seluar carrot cut, and sneakers high cut. tak pun perempuan suka pakai seluar ketat kecik kat pergelangan kaki dengan kasut plastik transparen..ohh..."kagum"nya saya...