Apr 3, 2008

live life cool?

(post title adalah iklan Salem cool planet time aku skolah rendah dlu)

didn't think that my previous post is considered as dark entry.
failed attempt to be melancholic, i think.
need to brush up my writing skills more.

i'm not the type of person that reads the paper.
so what ever going on in the world i always gets the news thru blogs or people's talks.
latest story that i got is about Sufiah Yusof's prostitution, and that is thru effi.
who is sufiah yusof?
if you guys remember, back in circa 1998, there's an uproar of a girl entering Oxford at the age of 13.
she's that girl.
and now she's a prostitute.
well, she's still in college though.

what i'm trying to say is, even if you're a genius, that doesn't means you can survive in this world and turns out good.
a good brain doesn't guarantee that you'll have a good life.
so what guarantee a good life?
i mean, we don't even know what will happen to us in the next second, let alone the next 10 years. He's the only ONE who knows everything.
what should we do?
buatla apa yang selalu kita buat bila nak dapatkan sesuatu atau bila seseorang tu ada kepentingan untuk kita.
meaning, amar makruf nahi mungkar.

i'm hoping to go to jakarta tonight.
if i'm not posting tomorrow until sunday, there's only a few possibilities:
  1. i'm gone to jakarta
  2. i'm just plain lazy
  3. "writer's block" (kununnye laaaa)
  4. i'm dead
so, see ya around! XD

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