Mar 22, 2008

melarikan diri dari rutin harian

despite of my bitching in the previous post, i have quite an exciting weekend. a friend of mine came to Jogja from Jakarta, and we have a get-together for old-time sake.

didn't do much except hanging out in malls (yeah, malls, went to Malioboro Mall, Ambarrukmo Plaza and Saffir Square all in the same day) having lunch and playing arcade games, but it was fun. a nice change from the usual group of friends i usually meet around here. sounds like i desperately need new faces, eh?

and we're chilling out again together tonight. hah, went to Malioboro at night, alone. a first time for me. thank Allah, there's the friend waiting for me there.

running away from routine once in a while is fun.

ahh, i wanna go traveling. sometimes i wish i'm a guy.

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