Mar 14, 2008

black death

i think i should change the background color of my blog to something more cheerful.
anything other than black.

or maybe not.

lately, some of my guy friends blogs are filled with angst, and hopelessness. and some uses the black background to suit the mood. maybe there's something in the air that only affect those who produce testosterone in abundance.

but that doesn't explain my own angst-ridden entries, or despair that's shown in the girls' blogs. haiihhh...
seriously, there's something in the air. if not, there's something in the water. or whatever.

or maybe this anger, this hopelessness, this despair is some kind of new virus that easily affected all that tread the blogworld.

hopefully we'll find cure for it soon.
until then, be prepare to spiral down the dark, murky path of blackness...


Tawel Sensei said...

Change the color, you must. The environment is too dark and depressing here! Get the ideas from Colour Lovers and Kuler. ;)

rean said...

thanks for the advice!i already changed it..stealing ideas from Colour Lovers.XD XD XD