Mar 26, 2008

HYPER mode on!

satu mode yang aku suka, tapi pada masa yang sama menyusahkan aku:

my hyper mode.

to enter rean's hyper mode:

  1. wake up early, around 3:30 am to 4:30 am
  2. drink coffee (specifically capuccino hazelnut)
  3. take breakfast
  4. stay awake until time for class
it's a good mode, this hyper mode of mine. because i'll be happy all day long. and have excessive energy, which means, i'll just do what ever assignments i have, whatever work given to me. and if you want my help, ask me during this mode, i'll willingly lend a hand.

but the bad part of hyper mode is, i'm easily frustrated. and sometimes i'll just vent my frustration on unsuspecting person (tadi, jern yang kena..isk). i'll be hyper until i totally burnt out my energy, which will cause me having trouble sleeping, plus a very noticeable slump the next day. in my slumped day, i'll need 12 hours of sleep. seriously. just to cover up excess use of energy on previous day.


eh, wait!
i'm feeling sleepy now!
exiting hyper mode sooner than i thought i would!


obefiend said...

pre med students bole ke hyper. too much caffeine ke? LOL

hazelnut cappuchino? man i gotta try that sometimes. never knew they existed. too gourmet for me i suppose

rean said...

ha?tader pre med students yg hyper ke?haha!aku hyper jer. especially time exam. isk.

caffeine tader effect sangat on me kalau aku minum memalam. still ngantuk gak. isk.

aku minum yang instant punya daa.. 3-1 sachet. brand pun yang lawak punya nama : HOYA.
tapi sedap! XD

aisyah. said...

hahaha... hyper la sgt! eh,aku kan, aku pun suka brand hoya!!!!!!~~~~ hehe.. eh,malas la nak study,adoi.

benci exam, benci benci dan benci

rean said...

hyperlaa syah!
pening layan aku time aku hyper!kat jasin tak pernah kot, sebab petang mesti kena drill ngan raje n kuzi suh men basketball sampai penat..haha!

aku pun malas exam!!
kita geng!! XD

HOYA best!NESCAFE tak best!

aisyah. said...

NESCAFE BEST!!!! brand kesukaan aku.