Mar 30, 2008

Book Review: Trojan Odyssey

another Dirk Pitt adventure!

I've fallen in love with Pitt in Inca Gold. Rugged, adventurous marine engineer from NUMA, with his trusty sidekick Al Giordano, so daringly escaped from death, and saving the world at the same time.

okay. I'm not making any sense.
the book:

Trojan Odyssey
author: Clive Cussler
publisher: Putnam Adult
ISBN-10: 0399150803 (hard cover)
ISBN-13: 978-0399150807 (hard cover)
ISBN-10: 0141016949 (paperback)
ISBN-13: 978-0141016948 (paperback)

if you've read any Dirk Pitt's books before, you know what to expect. it's the same story being repeated again, but with different setting and different kind of feeling.

the book started with a flashback from a scene of Homer's Odyssey, but with a twist in the plot. For those of you who didn't know what Odyssey is about, well, basically it's about a dude named Odysseus's (or Ulysses in Roman mythology) journey from the Trojan War back home . more info on the guy you can refer to Homer's Odyssey (a must read!) or if you're too lazy, just Google it..

Back to Pitt.
Suddenly i found out that there's two Dirk Pitt in the novel, Pitt Sr. whose sidekick is Al Giordino and Pitt Jr. whose twin sister is Summer Pitt. imagine how confusing i am when i read the book. it's like, "which Pitt are you talking about?!" since both of them have similar characteristics. you really have to focus to know which one is which. by the way, both Summer and Dirk Jr. are the children of Dirk Pitt Sr from his long lost thought-to-be-dead lover. they were introduced in Valhalla Rising.

as usual, there'll be some bad corporation trying to do bad things. this time, its a company called Odyssey. and a bad guy called Specter, who willingly left 1100 people to die when his hotel, Ocean Wanderer (underwater hotel, at the sea) was in the path of a fictional typhoon Lizzie. and there's a environmental crisis of brownish contamination in the ocean's waters, a plot of making the whole Europe undergoes ice age for the sake of selling cheap fuel cell, a female Druidic cult, and some major changes of Pitt Sr.'s life.

it's enjoyable to immerse myself in his adventures. kinda remind me of the Famous Five, Hardy Boys, Three Investigators of my childhood time. but, don't expect something different in this novel. it's a familiar path if you're looking for a walk down the memory lane but with a little extras. however, if you're looking for surprises of plot or anything, avoid this book like a plague. it will not give anything new. you can always guess what will happened at the end.

and Dirk Pitt will always save the day...
(at least he's like Solid Snake XD)

orange kite says: okay. since i'm reading this book during exam week, it's a great stress reliever. because you know what will happen next. it's such a comforting book with great adventure to keep the adrenalin pumping and just enough thrill to make you curious what will Pitt do next. a great read during lazy days, or as a bedtime story. overall i give a 5 out of 10. okay, 3 for Pitt, and 2 for the story..or was it the other way around?


raje said...

really i have to comment on this one!

how can you consider 5/10 a good book?

or thats just the way it is with books.. 5 is considered good??

LOLLZZ i am a book doofus!

rean said...

5/10 isn't actually a good book. an okay book, kot. salah tulis. hahaha!

it's a good book if you've never read a Dirk Pitt. but, if you've read one before..well, 5/10 is okaylaa.

the same story repeated.