Aug 14, 2008

The Great Love Story: Part 1

Gone for nearly 3 weeks!!

since i'm kinda having a raging headache now, i'll just cheat by posting a story i'm currently writing.
hopefully, i'll manage to finish it. XD

The Greatest Love Story

Ten minutes before class. Frantically Mitch threw all her books into her bag and raced towards her trusted scooter. As the engine roared, she put on her helmet then throttled her way to class. In a typical Mitch’s do-or-die style, she cut through the traffic and arrived just seconds away before 8 am.

Thank god she’s not the last to arrive. There would be more after her. Relieved, she climbed up the staircase to the lecture hall before slumping away on her usual seat. Save for now. Hollering at her girlfriend Lizzy, who had just showed up, her day started as usual.

Two hours later, totally sapped out of her life force, a zombied Mitch appeared outside the hall. Her stomach rumbled, reminding her not to linger around, as she was rushing down the stairs chasing after her friends, something caught her attention. Before she can stop herself, she called out.


Cain looked at her and started walking towards Mitch’s direction. Mitch looked in joy and disbelieved, all the while she thought her brain was playing tricks on her. Three long strides and he were standing right in front of her with outstretched hand and a grin.

“Hey Mitch, Cain sent me here. I’m Abel. Nice seeing ya”

First word that flew from her mouth was ‘fuck’. Recovering, she took the offered hand and smiled.

“The mysterious brother. What honor do I owe this visit to? And what crap about Cain sending you here? He’s been dead for 4 years now”

Four long years had gone since Cain’s tragic death. It hurt her still to think about it, not lessening one bit, let alone speak about it. It shown on her face, and quickly she hid it. Cain’s brother or not, this guy is a stranger. No stranger need to know about Cain, nor his death, nor her life after his uncalled departure. Not even his twin brother who looked so much like him and yet so different. Composing herself, she withdrew her hand from the shake.

A rock princess. She looked like it, and she definitely had the life of it. That was how Mitch looked like to Abel. There’s no mistaking the black hair cropped short with streaks of blue and red, leather choker and studded wristband, artistically torn purple t-shirt showing yellow fabrics underneath, tartan skirt and impossibly high platform boots laden with buckles. If that’s not enough, her overly pale skin and excessively made up eyes definitely convinced him. It made him wonder whether she purposefully avoided sunlight just to achieve the look. Slung on her shoulder was a big, shiny, purple bag with simple clean lines to balance the chaos of her clothing. She’s not beautiful, but not easy to miss. Different from everyone, it’s a wonder if she even belonged there.

Abel grinned to hide his distaste of her choice of style. He started to get irritated with his deceased brother for forcing him to make that promise. What he thought would be simple thing, turns out to be not so simple after all. Still he grinned for Mitch to see with her distrustful eyes. Searching his pocket, he pulled out a letter and gave it to Mitch.

“Cain asked me to pass this to you. Sorry it took four years. He specifically asked me to give this to you four years after his death. Why he wanted that I don’t know. I’m just the messenger.”

Snatching the letter out of Abel’s hand, Mitch eyes watered. She hold the letter like a fragile parchment, a rough handling can destroy it to pieces. Furiously saying thank you, she cannot stop the tears from flowing down her cheeks. Black stained her face as she ran to her scooter, leaving Abel without even saying goodbye. She wanted to hurry back to her room and read the last words of Cain to her.

Abel turned away and left. His work for now is done.

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