Aug 26, 2008

losing somebody

my friend's only grandmother passed away yesterday morning.
i'm not particularly close to that guy, but i befriended his gang.
he sat behind me during lectures.
we don't really talk to each other, because it seems awkward. i never knew what to say to him.
and we just don't clicked.
he's a bit kerek and all, but he's truly a nice guy.
and he loved his grandmother very much.
at least i knew that much because i caught him talking about his grandma now and then.
and the way he talked about her, well it's just filled with love.

losing somebody is hard. it will never be easy. but after you've done crying, you just have to brace yourself up and pick up the pieces. And move on.

maybe the hardest thing to do is moving on, but, we will try our best, won't we, dude?

anyways, it's not my place to write about it here. i'm sorry.


aisyah. said...

how can someone have an only grandmother?

To be conceived u gotta be from a man and a woman.

And both man and woman gotta come from another man and woman.

yeah, like I said, how can someone have an only grandma?

rean said...

salah penggunaan bahasa!
it's supposed to be the only grandma he knew!
apelah syah neh!