Aug 28, 2008

A-Lone-Ly Existence

I love my busy days.
even tho i complain about them too much.
it's when i'm busy i don't have time to think.
and like i said before, thinking hurts me.

i just like being busy. being physically active, going out, thinking about what to do, what to write, whom to meet, really gets me going.
as long as i'm not cooped in my room alone for too long. or being alone for too long.
in the past week, there's rarely a day when i'm alone. there's always someone with me.
either nad, or syazwan, or yan, or anyone.

i really miss school days when i'm never alone.
it's either with aisyah, or mimi, or the basketball geeks.
or with rezuan, or with wan ali.
or just laughing out loud with anet, lie and syeila.
never alone.

or should i say, i never felt lonely back then?


aisyah. said...

i understand how u feel.

i too can't bare the feeling of loneliness. ):

i'll try to be happy nanti.

rean said...

marilah kita berusaha!!