Jul 16, 2008

things i do at home

i'm back!!
seriously, i'm such an internet junkie. i mean, despite of knowing how crappie dial-up is, and it's ridiculously charged, i still going online. but yeah..whatever!

anyways, what i do at home.

first thing that i did after went back home is sleep. hahaha! i reached home around 11pm, and yeah, i don't sleep much the night before either. call it "post-exam perasan free symptom". refusing to sleep due to too much excitement of finishing the exams. i'm always like that. whenever i'm too excited about something, or too nervous, i'll refuse to sleep. or prolonged my waking time as long as possible. because even if i try to sleep, my brain will still be in fifth gear mode, thus making it frustrating for me.

then i spent my time in front of the telly, trying to transform myself into a walrus. but i didn't succeed anyway, due to conscience and shiina ringo. THANK YOU SHIINA!!! that, and spending 27 hours of my life playing final fantasy 10. i know, i know i'm several years late of playing that game, but hey! we (as in my brothers and i) can only afford to buy ps2 after ps3 came out okay!!!

and i did a little bit of houseworks, like sidai baju, masak nasi, lipat baju, sapu lantai, and a little bit of kemas rumah. and for those who still do not know, i CAN'T cook, even if it to save my life. and i'm not really into doing houseworks. apa nak jadi aku neh pun tatau...

what else?
oh yeah, i watch sinetron at 3pm everyday without fail, if my brother's around. yeah, he's kinda big fan of the sinetron "anakku bukan anakku". it sucks big time, really, like most sinetron, with unrealistic situation, and presence of devils, amnesiac happening like it's on sale, evil housekeepers trying to steal the wealth of their masters..the usual things. and i'm forced to watch this. how i suffer... urghh.... i don't even watch sinetron when i'm in jogja, but i'm watching it now back in malaysia??how ironic. and at 3:30pn, i'll have to endure another crappy drama: Sunsilk Impian. serious shit crappy!! the main character is so childish, and yet, she's already working! and 80% of the casts tak reti berlakon. oh, about the main character? she's damn gedik. aaaaaarrrggghhhhhhhh!! the main reason why i really, really, REALLY hate the drama Puteri.
why oh why am i tortured by these things on telly???

and finally, i get my fat ass out of the house yesterday to watch WANTED. it was AWESOME!!! yeah, not much of plots either, but the explosions, the actions! like momotarosu of kamen-rider den-o like to say, "it's a climax from the beginning to the end"!!! i think, after i left the cinema, i actually felt drained, due to much excitement. hahahaha!

and i finally finished reading two books that i started earlier this year: the Labyrinth and the Bourne Ultimatum. about the Labyrinth, reviews that i read about this book (from the book itself, not on the net), says that it's better than the Da Vinci Code. the book touched the same topic as DVC, the Holy Grail. but to me, after strenously reading this book, all i can say was, there's no way this book is better than DVC. nuh-uh. no way. at least DVC is logical, this book, well, this book basically says that the grail can grant long live, as one of the characters of the book, Sajhe, who lived for 800++ years. and also Harif, this dude i think maybe lived for 700++ years. is there anything like that in DVC??? NOOOO!!! haha!

one word for Bourne Ultimatum: MUST READ. okay, that's two words. i didn't watch the movie, i wasn't a big fan of Matt Damon back then, but what i got from the book was, in Bourne Ultimatum, Jason Bourne is already 50 years old. he's an old dude, unlike Damon. and Saint Alex of Conklin? well, he's just 10 years older than Bourne. he's my favourite character. who wouldn't love Saint Alex, the Crown Prince of the black operations, whose gospels being used as guidelines over and over again. the legendary dude that crosses the Soviet Union terrains back to US Army camp alone asking for a bottle of bourbon....[insert a dreamy sigh with look of love here]

all those, and tons of sleep. i think i might die due to sleep overdose someday..
until then, i'm gonna sit back, relax, and enjoy my holiday ride before start panicking again...


raje said...

yea hell u should be well "relaxed" before u start panicking again...

bcoz oh my, ur such a panicky.

hahaha HI REAN! x)

rean said...

can't help it..i tend to worry too much sometimes.