Jul 2, 2008


the world is getting more and more ridiculous everyday.
just today i received a friendster message saying that there were cases of women being kidnapped and murdered from their own cars.

and the rape cases? don't get me start on it. guys putting on drugs in drinks so that they can rape the girls. not to mention innocent school kids being raped just because they happened to be alone in the route they frequently used.

breaking and entering of houses in the middle of the day, making it looks like the owner is moving out, kidnapping pre-school children for no apparent reasons..

no where is safe anymore. not even our own home.
incest rapes, family killing each other.
it's scary.

we are united under one terrifying religion: MATERIALISM
for the blessings of money we are willing to do anything, even selling our souls to the devil.
for our own sickly hedonistic wantings we are willing to sacrifice our morals.

Oh Lord, save us from "wahan"...


Obefiend said...

but the friendster message is not true. its just some forwarded crap. this one email told a story of a raping taxi driver. i heard teh stories back in 2002. the same email is still being circulated. so we always live in fear. fear or things that is not even real! LOWL

rean said...

seb bek aku tak circulate menatang tuh...
nampak sangat tak ikut perkembangan semasa...