Sep 22, 2007

Nanda kore?

Today, 8:26 am, Jogja time

I'm supposed to revise my studies, but what i'm doing now? Staring in front of the computer, browsing thru blogs and yeah, searching for new L'Arc~en~Ciel files to download...

Yesterday, 8:45 am, Jogja time

"Pak, kertas Denver II nya ada lagi nggak?"
"Kertas yang dulu di mana? Lagi hilang?"
"Hehe...Makasih ya pak!!"

Denver II. i dreaded anything that has to do with a)skills lab, b)practicals, and c)going out of campus doing practicals for skills labs.

and yeah, i pretty much dreaded the Denver II test.

and it's not helping that i had to do the test with another group, and i would not (and did not) have a partner with me to help me doing the test.
being with a bunch of snotty kids did not help either.

but then again one had to do what one must eventually i dragged myself out of the skills lab secretariat wearing totally mismatched clothes (jeans with strap on pvc black shoes...urgh), out to the INTER building, and just in time to catch a friend of mine who's willing to give me a lift to the TPA (taman panti asuhan aka nursery) (thanks AGUNG!!).

so,here we are.
TPA. it's hot, noisy and i'm coughing like there's no tomorrow. and why did i feel like my fever's getting worse after seeing kids running around?

grudges aside, beside the laziness and the fever, i like doing Denver II test. surprise surprise!! basically because it's a refreshing thing. being with kids don't require you to be cool, or macho or whatever the current youth society requires you to be. kids just want your attention and your willingness to go down and play with them. it's not a bad thing actually, after you get pass the crying and wailing.

the test took me around hmm..might be half an hour to do, the rest i spent playing around with my test subject (okay, that sounds so, i'll change to emm, my test subject?), called Nanda (her real name was quite long, i don't remember, besides everyone calls her with that name). she's cute, she's clever, and she likes me. what more can you ask? it's a bliss being with her, even though she's a bit clingy (keep calling "mbak! mbak!" when i went to get my bag and finished my report). although when i'm leaving, she refused to acknowledge me...isk isk isk (merajuk kot..sebab lepas ni dah tak jumpa lagi..)

so what i learn from this test:

  • kids don't care if you have food to bait them with. if you don't have the right technique, food won't work. period.
  • kids are active. and they are a jealous bunch too. who said kids are innocent?
  • kids don't give a damn if you are cute or handsome, or if you are really a smooth talker. if you're not willing to get messy with them, you can forget about it.

  • am i making sense?

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