Sep 26, 2007

Diaries, NANA and BLAME!

i don't write diaries anymore.

maybe because i find putting my feelings on paper difficult.
maybe because i seem to be in front of the laptop most of the time, writing in a blog seems almost like a second nature.
and maybe because the best way to hide something is to put it in view.

one bad catch with blog though..i can't put my doodles here...i mean those silly sketches i did when i'm bored, sad, and just have the feeling like i wanna draw.

lately i'm obsessed with NANA, and the art book of Tsutomu Nihei (maker of BLAME!).

why NANA?
because NANA is a tragic story about rock bands and love. and nobody is cooler than Nana herself. not to mention all those pretty clothes and beautiful work of Yazawa Ai (also lots of Vivienne Westwood's stuff).

from left, Ren and Nana

and the music from the anime is simply beautiful. be it Anna Tsuchiya (inspi' Nana/Black Stone) or OLIVIA (inspi' Reira/Trapnest). and since what had happened to me lately, i found companion in songs sung by "Nana", either [rose], [stand by me], or [kuroi namida]..makes me feel as if Nana really understand what i'm feeling..
basically, to understand my way of thinking now, understand NANA. then you'll understand my needs for rock music and cigarettes. well, not cigarette maybe..but definitely rock music and Vivienne Westwood.

and BLAME! is just to satisfy my needs for reading mind-twisting sci-fi manga with beautiful artwork...
to me, currently, no manga-ka with work as detail and as intriguing as Tsutomu Nihei...when I'm down, the monsters of Nihei reflect me. When I'm happy, the adventures of Killy captivate me.

picture showing Killy and his trusted gun

by the did i end up talking bout NANA and BLAME! when it was about diaries first??

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