Jun 18, 2008

Jom pegi Jakarta lagi!!!

i went to jakarta again.
this time with aisyah and intan.

from left: aisyah and intan

the best part about this jakarta trip was we had a very cute driver which is Intan's younger brother.

the brother, aka the driver: Arlingga

which we bully kinda mercilessly with our gay jokes, and my insensitive comments.

anyway, if you come to jakarta, again i said, you must visit the malls.

Intan and her obsession, cat

latest mall open was the Grand Indonesia.
and we went there.

it was a picture heaven!!!
there's theme at each area; victorian, china town, old japanese, london street... cool giler!!

victorian highway...with love..ngahahhaha!!

oh, aisyah bought a prada.

and i just love salvatore ferragamo shoes!! by the way, i don't understand why the sales girl thought i could afford to buy a rp7.9 mil shoes even after 30% discount. hermm...

and yeah, ate JCo three days in a row sampai rasa muak.

mangga dua is THE place to be to buy pirated dvds and imitation handbags. a dvd costs around rp5000, which is around rm1.80, dirt cheap. basically mangga dua is 4 malls interconnected with each other via several bridges. it's something similar to the low yatt, sungei wang and time square area. but bigger and better. muahahaha!! you can find everything in mangga dua, or, like intan said,

you can go to mangga dua naked and came back fully clothed, accessoried and with a car.

i even went to jakarta fair.
correction, i went to jakarta this time to go to the jakarta fair.
but it was B.O.R.I.N.G.
dahla we have to pay for the entrance.
thank god we went with Intan's family, and gratefully, her dad paid for our entrance tickets. THANK YOU INTAN'S PARENTS!!!

orang durian at Jakata Fair

oh yeah.... ada doraemon kat plaza semanggi!! not only doraemon, the whole gang were present! ngehehehe! jangan jeles...XD

giant, sinyu, doraemon, nobita and shizuka

by the way, i didn't write about the places we went in chronological orders. har har har har.

for more pictures and the other side of the story, boleh la visit blog aisyah here...


Obefiend said...

looks nice..

but i still like One Utama because i am lazy!

rean said...

ko mmg rajhenn...

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