Jun 11, 2008

bandung trip with aisyah

i did this just to spite raje.

i went to bandung with aisyah on the 5th of June 2008. on the day she arrived at Adisucipto airport of Jogjakarta.
we took a 9pm train to bandung, and arrived there around 6 am. early.

and then we took a cab that cost us around rp120k to Jatinangor to see

a. my ex-classmates whom i haven't saw for nearly two years (especially fairuz and ali)
b. adib murshidee, aisyah wants to see him.

since Jatinangor was hell far from the town bandung, we decided to go back to bandung and rent a room at a hotel, Puri Gardenia Hotel (rp220k per night). and that trip back also cost around rp120k.

the friday, first day we arrived, was boring. i was even thinking about buying a ticket back on saturday night, which thank god i didn't do.

first day activities:

1. jatinangor
2. buy train ticket
3. went to totally lame factory outlet
4. went to BIP mall, okaylaa kot.
5. went back to hotel and slept

second day was much better. we went to pasar baru, a place a lot like pasar payang in terengganu or pasar siti khadijah in kelantan. lots and lots and lots of textile, kain batik (aisyah bought a few), baju, kain kebaya (aisyah bought a few too), kain buat seluar (i did buy enough to make two pair of slacks), kain alas meja (i bought one for my mum), etc.

third day we went to jalan dago, pegi factory outlet...
bought myself a vivienne westwood imitation t-shirt. wohoo!! jangan jeles raje!!

now i'm writing this blog from my friend's house in jakarta.

(seriously evil mode on).

ps: entry tak best langsung sbb penat and takde idea. nntilaa upload pictures.
pps: raje nak datang tak lama lagi...yay!!


Obefiend said...

eman gue orang badung. katanya bandung banyak gunung berapi!

mungkin itu sebabnya bandung banyak band yang best. selalu kena gegar dan bakar kasik perform lagi cantek

that does not make sense what so ever


GOKILL.. tus.. seru!!

raje said...

i'm reading this post with one eye.

(Whatever THAT statement means..)


p.s. bet ur kicking ass in Jakarta right now!! haha :)

rean said...

kalau kadar byknyer gunung berapi menandakan byknye band best, maka Malang lglaa byk band, sbb dikelilingi ngan 4 gunung berapi active..
bullshit je tuhh..

sebelah mata je raje?
nnti datang bwk blanket yekk!!