Jun 1, 2008

mysterious story from a scooter-rider.

I'm not so sure what happened today. it all started normally; i woke up, took a shower, and dressed for class. and as usual class went uneventfully, a few lectures and a couple of lab works. my classmates looked bored as they normally did, some of them even fell asleep during class. i think the only thing that's different today was the sky turned green.

funny i'm the only one noticed that. when i asked my friends, they all looked at me in a weird way. but then that always happened. not too unusual there. come to think about it, i only realized that the sky's turning green when i was riding my blue scooter home. there must be some connection with riding scooters and seeing green skies. however my other scooter-riding friends didn't even see it. hence earning me the weird stare that i mentioned earlier.

let me describe how green was the sky today. at first, it was blue. but then suddenly the color morphed. it was like looking at a vast ocean from the beach, where the nearest part to you is bright blue and as it goes further and further away from you the color changes from bright blue to something darker. and at the end of the horizon, it turns into emerald green. it was beautiful. breathtakingly so. it felt like i was riding my scooter across the ocean. exhilarating. and then the fun stopped. after 10 minutes of "riding across the ocean", the beautiful green-colored sky became murkier. darker and uglier the color turned, like somebody added black ink and mud into it. scarier. and my pleasant walk at the ocean turned into something out of a horror movie. or my worst nightmare. suddenly i'm treading at the deepest, darkest swamp forest, and the swamp was mocking me, calling me into it. which was not a good thing, i guess. swirled and swirled, a vortex appeared. from the darkest part of the sky, it grew bigger and bigger, sucking everything and anything around it.

everything came to a halt.

that's when i realised, i'm in the hospital, with multiple fractures, 32 stitches, and a disfigured face.
i swear, today did start normally for me.


raje said...




rean said...

it's just a fiction
it was classified under tales if you look at the tag closely.
sorry to scare you.

raje said...



well, it's me to blame, i should have read closely.


glad ur fine anyway!

p.s. cis,

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