Mar 26, 2010

Redder than blood

    My world had been shaken yesterday. I felt terrible, and stupid. Terribly stupid, up to a point where I felt numb. I think I cried myself to sleep. It was so bad; I have trouble sleeping, combined with feeling nauseous.

    Dumbed, and numbed, I stumbled into today. Spent entire morning playing games, and the entire afternoon finishing up Dan Brown's The Last Symbol (the book is boring, btw) when I'm supposed to be studying. Finally had the courage, and the strength to pick up my notes, and reread it. Thank you God, for the power breakdown, You're truly the All-Knowing.

    That's when I read it.

And after reading it, my troubles were insignificant compared to the turmoil of this fellow friend. Hugs, dear friend. May you be well.

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