Mar 22, 2010

It got me thinking

For the past year, I have been wasting my life browsing the lowest site on the internet (I won't tell you the site, you'll know it if you know it, and if you don't, don't worry, you're not missing much. In fact, I can honestly tell you, you're not missing anything at all). They have discussions (stupidly discussed, but it still got me thinking) of atheism vs Christianity, and of course, why they hate Islam.

I bet all of you already know that Islam has been associated with terrorism since the past few decades. Not helping with the news of Abu Sayyaf, the Muslim vs Christian war in Aceh, Iraq's war, the never ending war in Palestine, Taliban in Afghanistan, so on and so forth. And get this, we're not only violent, but we are also associated with female degradation, and child bride issues. Hah! So much for the Prophet Muhammad's work to empower women. In the end, Muslims are said to be oppressing the female members of the society.

Why did all of these shits happening? Is Islam fundamentally wrong? Is the teachings of Islam are not applicable to the current world, ever changing and ever challenging? Or is it, the way of the muslims themselves interpreting Islam?

From my observations (and it's not much, sorry), it's not the teachings of Islam that are wrong. The best thing about Islam is, it's ever evolving, and it's not restrictive, at all (as long as you do no harm to yourself and the society, la). When the Church declared scientists as heretics, Islam embraced science, and encouraged it. And I really love this period of Islam. Not only had they had brilliant scientists when the west is in their dark age, these scientists themselves were well converse in the laws of Islam. They understand the world, and the Power behind it. And we've lost it, when the last of Muslim Empire fell during the WW1. Maybe earlier.

The muslims now, are just shadows of the past. Less than shadows even. They do not fully understand their own religion, and if they do, they twist it so that it suits their needs. Whoever heard of twisting religion to suit your own need? You did not just use religion to justify your way. Like the case of Saudi Arabia child bride. Wtf man! You were saying that if you did not marry that kid young (fucking 8 years old) it will collapse the whole social structure of your country? That's just plain bullshit! I understand that the unnecessary mingling between males and females is discouraged in Islam, and there are lots of ways you can do to prevent the unnecessary mingling. Not just marrying these kids young! And to some old men too! That is just wrong. That's like, selling your own daughter to a pedophile. It's just wrong. And don't try to counter it with Rasulullah marrying Aisyah when she's freaking 6 years old. It's a totally different time during Rasulullah's time, and at that time, children mature faster than they do now.

Don't get me started on virtuous killing, ie killing your daughter that has just been raped. Like fucking raped. Is it her fault that she's raped? She brought shame to your family by being raped? Do you think, that any sane woman would ask themselves to be raped? Even those sexy slutty girls are afraid of getting raped. They dressed up the way they do not because they want to be raped, it's because they think that it will give them confidence, and a boost of self esteem. Not because they secretly wanted to be raped. Do you guys even know that actually, females are supposed to be treated like queens and princesses? I bet you don't. That's what Rasulullah has been trying to teach us. Why do girls have to wear hijab? It's because they're above male. They're not objects to be stared at with gaping mouth, or make fun at. If they wanted to lose the hijab, let them. But you still have to treat them like the queens and princesses they are. Even when they're being slutty. Even then. Males are supposed to protect the females like knights sworn to protect the queens and princesses, not use females as what they see fit. And when they act bitchy, and you truly can't stand them, just leave. What kind of a man that hit a woman? Only losers do that. The sad part is, Rasulullah taught us to treat females as the royalty they are, but now, most muslim men treat females as third class citizens. It is sad.

Now on to the topic of insulting Islam. I love this part. It seems like Muslims are born with short fuse when it comes to insulting our religion. Cartoon of Rasulullah: KILL THE CARTOONIST! Saying Islam is a violent, outdated religion: KILL THE PERSON WHO SAID THAT! Questioning the logic behind the Islamic rules and regulation: WTF! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING?? YOU'RE MURTAD! Calm down fellow muslims! This is not how we deal with things that disagree with us! If you want to beat up every person that insults your religion or your religious icon, then sir, where is the peace in Islam? You're not willing to share the knowledge with outsiders, and when they misunderstood you, you raged. Can you blame them for misunderstanding, when it's really is your fault in the first place? You think Allah wants you to kill every infidel in the world? He did not created them just to be fuel for Hell. How many years Rasulullah endures insults and beatings before he starts fighting back? A lot of years! Not only he endures it, he was kind to every person, even those who insulted him. He's willing to forgive, and forget. And he even explains to them, what is he teaching, his revelation.

How many years have you guys spent spreading the words and teachings of Islam before you decided to pick up the sword and slays the infidel?

You're the one that's destroying Islam, and making it ugly. Not them.


kō⋅rŏxx said...

Nowadays, peace and "organized" religion just doesn't seem fit to be used in the same sentence anymore.

Why use brain when it's easier to just follow the heart?

Religion means to have a faith. Faith means to accept, to submit. Maybe that's the reason why most of them so called religious folks are more inclined towards accepting everything blindly, instead of trying to figure out the rationale behind it. When they hit the wall, they'll just say "God knows". End of story.

And a man, any man, who tries to find the reason will be accused of apostasy.


"And when they act bitchy, and you truly can't stand them, just leave."

But Rean, what about girls who refuse to let the man go?

rean said...

ko_roxx, it always takes two to tango.
No one can undermine you if you don't allow them to.

People only hold power over you because you let them to. So gather up the courage, and run and hide from them bitches!

I agree that religion itself is about faith, and there are a lot of things in Islam that can't be explained by logic (like the afterworld, tortures in the grave, angels/demons, heaven/hell etc). But the religion itself encourage us to think. I think in the Quran, there's some line that says, that God created all these things in the world, so that we can THINK of how great is Him/His Works.

so there. Thinking is the base of Islam. Not blind trusting.

kō⋅rŏxx said...

There's bitterness in my comment. Maybe it's too subtle for you to notice.

I agree with you. Human should think first before submitting/subscribing to anything. But the common practice among men is to ditch the brain altogether. Just follow the leader, whoever that may be. That's how most organized religion works anyway.

IMHO, some things that may sounds illogical might not need to be taken literally. Like when they say the mountain trembles and collapsed for fear of Him, maybe is akin to what we nowadays called shit brick. Not to be taken literally. Metaphors.


LOL. I was referring to what you said about how women should be treated as princess/queen/whatever. Sometimes the men did try to leave as honorable as they could, but them women just refuse to accept it. If things escalate to physical, is it fair to put the blame solely on the guy?

rean said...

Shitting brix is awesome! XD

bah, I know some bitches that make you feel like you wanna slap them whenever they open their mouths. And yeah, we can't only blame the males, but dude, whenever a guy gets physical with a girl, HE will always be wrong.

sigh, I know females are difficult to handle. Heck, strike that, they're not difficult, they're impossible!

speaking from experience much? :x