Sep 13, 2008


i went shopping today, after weeks of not being able to hangout.
targeted items: a pair of sneakers ( converse or airwalk or emily the strange or vans), a pair of wedges/clogs (main point: can be worn with baju kurung and jeans), a clutch and a brooch.

what i managed to get were:

the clutch. cute isn't it?? i have been eyeing the shop for ages. and finally i bought one. this one costs me rp109 000, around rm40. i suspected it's sort of hand-made.

the brooch. a crown, yeah. my current favourite. this one had several brothers and sisters, in tricolor; black, silver and yellow. the black and silver ones are pretty cute, but somehow, i chose this one. there's one that's kinda similiar with Vivienne Westwood logo..wonder why i didn't buy that....oh, and this was the first item i bought after 2 hours in the mall. gah. price, rp45 ooo, around rm17.

next i bought a bracelet. yeah, it wasn't in the original want/need list, but what the heck. besides, i don't have blue bracelet. i need blue bracelet! and it's only rp23 000 (rm 8.50)!!

desperately need a new pair of sneakers. my mcky sneakers had already seen better days, and i absolutely hate my adidas tennis shoes. i got blisters while wearing it! WITH socks!!! argh!! too bad the smallest size for sneakers here is 38. and i'm a 36. geram! gigit karang!!

the last thing i bought today was a pair of white wedges. talking about shoes, i spent nearly one hour at the department store just to find a pair of shoes, but to no avail. argh. kesian mad ngan azree, in the end, they went ahead of me. hahaha! this baby is a marie claire, and priced only at rp179 000 (rm 66).

total expenditure today: rp 356 000/rm 131.45

pretty good bargain, eh?

p.s: crappy pictures due to my crappy photographing techniques. the lines were due to me dropping me phone too many times...


aisyah. said...


rean said...

thanx! XD

raje... said...

yea.. they are nice....
and the best part, they were all 131rm in total.... hahaha
i cant never do that!

p.s. i couldnt get the brooch tho.. where are u gonna wear it? yea sorry i can be doofus sometimes...