Sep 3, 2008

For Something Less Dark

Okay N.K, this is my less dark entry of the day.. XD

Rules :
1. Each player of this game starts off with 15 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself.
2. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 15 weird things/habits/little known facts as well as state this rule clearly.
3. At the end, you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names.
4. No tags back!!

  1. all my stuffs are males. eg: takuro the guitar (named after Takuro the guitarist of Glay), kentarou (or ken-chan for short) the blue scooter, ritsu the beloved laptop (named after a really cool guy in a manga), kouji the dead fish (isk...), Les Miserable Marius the golden bear (named after Marius of Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles, and because i was miserable when i bought him).....

  2. i always think i was born 10 years too late. sometimes 40 years too late. i so wanna experience the music scene during the 70's till late 90's. they got rockin' rock artists back then. oh, terase sangat orang tuanya saya!

  3. i was a notorious flirt back in intec. i don't think i flirt that much now. hahahahaha!!!

  4. i wanted to pierce my tounge badly. the only thing prevented me from doing so is the thought of my mom yelling at me. haihhh..

  5. donald strongly influenced my music preferences. before knowing him, i'm more into lighthearted pop songs even tho i dabbled a bit in the rock music scene ( mainly for L'Arc~en~Ciel). he's the one responsible for the Nine Inch Nails, dark lyrics, and experimental sounds.(and the dark brooding thoughts)

  6. i hate heat with a vengeance and i can't stand cold weather. so where should i live?

  7. all of my favourite colors have a significant. be it ridiculous or not, but each means something to me. so when you see me in purple, appreciate the punk rocker wannabe in me. if it's white, well, i just perasan i'm being sweet. wahahahahhahaha!!

  8. i have this weakness for cute things. i really like cute things. tho not much available in my room, due to my inability to keep my own room neat. too much cute things = too much dust collected. so i just gave up before even thinking of buying. hahahaha!

  9. my extended family from my mom's side called me Sayang when i was still a kid. even now, my closest cousins still call me Sayang. and i still introduced myself as Sayang to them. urgh.

  10. the name rean was given by my friend on a whim. i went by the name rai back then, but this girl told me that rai wasn't glamourous enough, and raihana was just a mouthful. hence the name rean. there were several versions of spelling (eg, ray-ann) before i decided on the simpler version of r.e.a.n.

  11. i'm still on the prowl for great rockers. until now, my great rockers are L'Arc~en~Ciel, Onmyouza, Shiina Ringo, Buck-Tick, The Pillows, Rancid, Stone Temple Pilots, Nine Inch Nails etc

  12. my greatest and biggest dream is to travel the world. alone.

  13. i (not so) secretly hoped to be the greatest rock star on earth. oh yeah!

  14. sometimes i feels like i could just leave everything and disappear. hopefully i will not be that selfish.

  15. my earphones are usually in full blast. but i hate speakers.

bloggers to tag:

aisyah-because i know you'll have a lot to write, and a lot to tag. XD
raje-revenge of the sperm. hahahaha!!
atai-just to give you something else to do
solehah-if you're still blogging
intan-dude!!update more! don't be lazy!


Anonymous said...

i hate speakers too.

Anonymous said...

opss. lupelak. zati :)
btw, l arc as for me they always tukar2 style.. kan? but i like them most mase they kemaruk perform pakai dress. bowie habiss!!!

rean said...

pakai dress tu lamaaaa dlu!!
lepas album kedua ke ketiga diorg dah stop dah pakai dress..
tapi cute laa tgk perkembangan fesyen l'arc.
but in the past years, dah takde sangat, sbb semua dah TUA... hahahahaha!!!

sol-sensei said...

Cool facts. Love all the names you gave to your stuff. Haha. You WERE a big flirt, if I do remember it correctly.. however I'm not sure about NOW. Heheh.

Really wish I could fulfill that tag, but I stopped blogging for a while now. Doesn't seem like I'll be starting again anytime soon.

Cheers :)

rean said...

hai sol!!
lama tak jumpa!
hahaha, not to worry about the tag, since i did say if you're still blogging..

anyways, selamat menyambut puasa! XD

(i've stopped flirting due to endless warnings from nad. haih..XD)

raje! said...

no 9 is funny like hellllllllllll!!

p.s.u know it better i hate taggies.. =/

rean said...


if i had to do tags, you had too raje...
it's revenge of the sperm.