Sep 26, 2008

Exam, Project and Raya

We just finished block 13 exam yesterday. it was tiring. balik exam je rasa macam nak pengsan. but still, even tho i felt like fainting since 4pm, I'm still awake at 10pm. huahuahuahua!!

And our Peduli Ini Untuk Siapa project was, alhamdulillah, without much trouble. even tho we're really really late in preparing the food, the second half only finished packing after maghrib and we don't have enough for 60 people. Thanks a lot to all the members, and to those girls and guys who helped, and waited for so long, really, only Allah can repay for what you had done. Not forgetting to those who donated for this cause. May Allah bless you, and your families. Apa-apa pun, NDWA rocks!! XD

And raya, raya is only a few days away.... isk... Ramadhan is approaching it's end... T_T
Hopefully, whatever good things i did during Ramadhan, will be carried outside Ramadhan too.. Ameen.

anyways, Selamat Menyambut Aidil Fitri, Maaf Lahir dan Batin!!

ps: I'm going back home on the 28/9 for two weeks. YAY!!!


zatihazira said...

hey kamu... selamat hari raye :D

aisyah. said...

o.. i will miss you (;

aisyah. said...

and of coz, selamat hari raya gf.. maaf zahir dan maaf batin (;

raje said...

yup from me too :)
yea i know i am some pain in the arse sometimes!

Tawel Sensei said...

Satu saja nak pesan. Bila dalam kapal terbang nak balik Malaysia tu, beritahu pilot tu suruh bawa elok-elok. Jangan bagi dia bawa laju-laju. Jangan bagi dia potong kapal terbang lain. Kalau eksiden, payah pulak.

Hehe..selamat hari raya dan maaf zahir batin :)

rean said...

to all!!
thank you!!

to tawel sensei..
mcm mana nak suh pilot tak bawak laju2, flight mmg lajulaaa XD

Obefiend said...


slamet belated raya