Dec 29, 2009


Lately I have been hanging out with the boys for far too much...

well, it's not like it's something new, it's just that for the past few weeks, I've hanged out with guys more than girls...

For example, just two weeks ago, I went out to the beach with two guys... for what? Just to go and see the beach... SEE THE FREAKING BEACH! we didn't even swim in it! @_@

Then, sometime last week, I head out for some late night coffee with 4 other boys. at 12 am. and I came back home around 2... We sat at the coffee shop, playing poker, while watching a Liverpool game on tv. How pathetic...

And then..just now, i went to have some dim sum with a girl and 4 boys... GAH!!



can't help it... growing up with two little brothers must've made me more comfortable around guys than girl... not to mention i was closer to my dad rather than to my mom :3

anyway...sleepy... zzzzz


immabastard said...

Damn you're a cool chick.

Better yet if you're hot-looking.


rean said...

LOL dude!
what's wrong if I'm not hot-looking?
I still have sass! xD