Mar 18, 2009


I'm currently trying to stalk a guy... whom i met for 5 minutes in two occasion..

i only managed to get his name right before he went off to malaysia and god knows where.

pathetic huh?


rsyazwani said...

ur getting scary.... :-S

haha way to go !

Anonymous said...

Rai, it's funny, bt i suppose in a few months time, i too shall be stalking some guy i've only met for 5minutes :P


but u know wat, raje's so damn rite! That is freaky.

Btw, raje always first to comment je. she's like some online freak with superpowers or something :)

yours truly, the BFF coldplay fan freak (and in case u didnt get that) aisyah

rean said...

stalking a guy you just met for total of 10 minutes is not freaky.

it's just a plain act of boredom.


ps: aisyah, i know your style of writing anywhere. tak yah kenalkan diri pun takpe.. XD

NKxvii said...

hey just gv it a shot la u nvr noe whre it might lead baby
besides, letting guys make the 1st move is soooooo overrated=)