Oct 3, 2007

God Tower.....I finally realised how badly my brain had deteriorated...

currently playing two games : God Tower and My Diamond Baby.

God Tower is a game where you guessed the password for the next level according to the clues given..sounds easy?NOT!! well, to me anyway..I'm in level 14 now, and not once did I play without looking at the walkthroughs and spoilers (even using those i still have a hard time playing it).....seriously...where's my critical thinking skills have gone???

The other game was also equally tough, and surprisingly popular. Originally in Japanese language, now the game is translated into 2 other languages : Korean and English. basically it's a flash game, it's free, but sadly, it can't be downloaded. what makes it tough? one thing is because it doesn't really give a clue of what to do (i think it does...but very subtle clues), and the other thing is you have to click very carefully to get what you're supposed to get. I still haven't finished playing this game despite the walkthroughs I used (muahahaha!!).

I dunno why I'm doing game reviews...ah well...next time I'll do a coverage on two new singles from L'Arc~en~Ciel....ngahahahahha

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